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Kurhula T. Maluleka

Born in Stinkwater and raised in Ekangala, where i lived since the age of 9yrs. Brought up in a strict but loving Lutheran background, got born again in my youth and later became a member of the Ekangala Baptist Church. An affiliate church to the Baptist Convention of SA, where I currently serve under our Pastor Jessie Mhlophe. I’m passionate about Youth Ministry, Leadership and teaching, which led me to serve in all these respective areas for many years. .


Years of experience in Software Developent

5 years in Web design

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” ― Mark Twain


Wits Technikon - Mechanical Engineering.


T.U.T - Software Development.



Current Modules


Assignment 1
Using your learning blog or journal (10 marks)

a) Introduce yourself (be creative and add a picture or sound or video – just remember that we must be able to access it in your final portfolio) (1)
b) Why did you enrol for this course? (1)
c) How did you feel when you discovered that this course is different from the ‘normal’ 2 assignment and 1 exam-style course? (1)
d) What do you think of the content that you had to learn/master in this first week? (1)
e) What do you think can be included or deleted from this week’s work? (1)
f) What learning style is your dominant style? (1)
g) Why is surface learning not sufficient in higher education? (3)
h) Do you have any experiences on the topics (Learning styles and Bloom’s taxonomy) that you would like to share? (1)

Good luck to all of you.

I was privileged to work with these cool companies, met really cool IT personalities.



My journey of programming begins

SABC Sport

Olympics (Radio & Television)

Refined my interpersonal skills, worked with a truly great bunch ofpeople.

Monte Casino


A learning curve, very sharp but worth it.



Most of my IT experience was gain here, a lot was learned. Grateful!

Some of the cool things i love doing besides basketball, things others call "work"/p>

Web Design95%
App Design93%
Software Design90%